Insert - folded leaflets

Remember that whenever you wish to add anything to your packaging, Opatisk has a tailor-made solution meeting all your requirements. All our products, as well as inserts, undergo a thorough quality inspection.


Outserts are folded leaflets glued to the outer side of the product. The ends of the folded leaflet are fixed with glue. The minimum output format after folding is 32 x 32 mm of 350 panels. The advantage of outserts is that a lot of information can be concentrated in a very little space.

Twinsert (PiggyBack)

Double the content you would like to tell your customers. The unique PiggyBack system is 2 to 3 freely separable outserts glued together. Used as a traditional outsert, but with a double effect. You can easily separate two parts of the twinsert, e.g. Warning and Instructions for Use. Customers can easily pick one and the other remains attached to the product.